Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SPCA International Shelter of the Week

The Best Little Cat House in PA has been made a "Shelter of the Week" by SPCA International.

The link is here  SPCA International Shelter of the Week

The last few months have been very trying for Lynn and this award coming at this time is the icing on the cake.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Soon be Penguin Plunge Time

January the 1st is Penguin Plunge Day in Harrisburg. What is the Penguin Plunge? It's where a load of people run into the freezing cold Susquehanna River on City Island in aid of charities. Some years the ice has be broken to allow them to get wet! And they do it year after year for charity.

Susquehanna River, New Years Day 2000 and something. Looks cold doesn't it! Trust me, it was!

Some wear silly clothes.

Some wear very little.

Clothes or not the end result is wet, very wet and cold.

Well there you have it, some people support charities by doing something about it, some people give. You can do something too. What you do is entirely up to you but if you're in the Harrisburg area on New Years Day do stop by City Island to watch them get wet. Have I ever done it myself? Hell no! I'm not crazy.

Severe cuteness alert