Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year and Penguin Plunge Report.

New Years Day dawned a lot different from the forecast predicted a few days earlier. Instead of rain/snow/sleet/freezing rain it was bright and sunny, cold but not too bad being above freezing. Not that it mattered that much to me because I had no intention of running into the Susquehanna River at Noon along with all the other er .... er ..... lets call them plungers shall we. I was designated "Towel Boy" for Lynn, it was my job to hold her towel for her so she would not immediately die of hyperthermia on exiting the freezing Susquehanna River.

 On the drive along the river to City Island I was instructing Lynn to not look to her right in the direction of the river. What did she do, yeah she looked. What she saw made her shiver in anticipation of what was to come. The river was covered in places with little icebergs, OK maybe thats an exageration, ice flows more like. This is Lynns 13th year in succession of immersing herself in the Susquhanna on New Years Day. She was on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society when the idea arose back in 1997 it must have been. As Lynn was one of the younger board members at the time she volunteered or was "volunteeered" to be a participant. 13 years laters she's still doing it. She was interviewed by local TV channel, so I hope somebody videoed it. Marsha was there looking aprehensive especially when the huge Viking 'Lady' Helga, complete with horned Helmet and long blonde braids arrived to be videoed with her.  Brian was there in his flip flops and bare feet and I apologise to him for splashing icy water on him. I was only trying to get him used to the cold! Becky was there too and we met Bonnie, but due to a recent bout with pneumonia she wisely was a spectator this year. Christine from Paws was plunging as was Dr Bob from The Animal Hospital of Dauphin County who was plunging for the first time. At precisely Noon the loonies  plungers ran down the snow covered ramp into the water, immersed themselves and ran out again. This was where the "Towel Boys" really come into their own in the extremely vital task of guiding the stunned, frozen  popsicles emerging from the river towards their waiting towels. It's a very important difficult job .... well someone has to do it don't they.

Not sure yet how much money was raised for the animal charities, hope it was lots!

Sorry no pictures, left the stupid camera behind!

Christine Arnold has just reminded me that you can still donate!

More pictures from the Plunge. Check out Helga the Viking 'Maiden'.