Sunday, August 30, 2009

I never wanted to do this ....

I really did not ever want to blog anything. Seem a stupid word to me, BLOG , I hate going into WaWa, a filling station chain here in Pennsylvania, I will avoid going into WaWa if there's a Sheetz or Rutters or Turkey Hill just because it's a stupid name. I just dont have to time to do what I want to do at the best of times but circumstances dictate otherwise. So here I am a blogger. Groan.

Well this is the Best Little Cat House in PA. the website is here.


  1. I like WaWa - good coffee. Long, long time ago, when I was a kid and WaWa was just a dairy without the convenience stores, my great Aunt Anne told me the name meant "wild goose" in the local Indian dialect. I don't recall how the subject came up.

  2. Well at least its a good cause that you're blogging for, and a good idea with all the dealings with crazy people lately! You always have such great photos of the kitties too!