Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chipmunk and Eddy



Not sure what their names used to be but they have been renamed Chipmunk and Eddy (Munster)! They are both lovely kitties.

Entrance to Playhouse with kitty staying out of the rain.

Playhouse on a cold, wet, miserable  day.

The playhouse is nice and warm even on the coldest days.


  1. Brought my boy Bubba here & Im very comfortable knowing he is going to live out his life in a warm, caring environment. Thank you Lynn & staff for all you do. God bless

  2. hi lynn, it was nice to see the lorreta berg's playhouse. i am sure that lorettta is looking down and is thankful for the great, dedicated work that you are doing. we still have an old dial-up, and eventually we will go to a faster, broadband. give our best to one and all. God bless. bernard and eileen, queens village, ny. since i do not have an account or other jargon will sign out as anonymous.