Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As Bella's a he obviously not named after the Twilight Bella but after Bella Lugosi I would imagine. He is as blind as the proverbial bat, or so we thought. It was a rainy miserable evening and as I was there taking a few pictures I particularly wanted to get a shot of Bella as he is such a lovely cat. He normally hangs out in Lynn's room but there was no sign of him there, we looked in the wildlife room ( empty of baby bunnies until spring), we looked in the downstairs of the Well Room, we looked in the upstairs of the Well Room, we went outside onto the enclosed porch area in the rain, we looked in the playhouse in the porch. We were calling him and then from above came a little meow. We looked up and there he was on the topmost shelf. How he got up there we have no idea as each of the 3 shelves is at least 3 feet above the other. Lynn went and got the ladder and got him down and dried him off. Maybe he's not as blind as we were told!

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