Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Red

I got to hold Little Red this morning.

Her story is here :-

It's always nice when someone appreciates the efforts of Lynn and the volunteers at the Best Little Cat House in PA.

I let Jan her former owner know that she is well and settling in very well.


  1. That's not a photo of Little Red. Why don't you post a real photo? so her loving owner can see how she's really doing?

  2. Anonymous, I know thats not a photo of Little Red, I never said it was. I dont yet have a photo of Little Red. As for her loving owner, Jan has spoken to Lynn several times for an up date on her condition. Little Red went to the vets for surgery on her tail which was highly enflamed. She spent the weekend when I was going to take a picture recuperating at the vets which was why I don't have a photo of her yet. After her surgery she is active and eating well. Lynn is taking her back to the vets soon to have the suture's removed. I never promise to take a picture for people, I will NOT under any circumstance's chase the residents around to take a picture of a specific cat.