Sunday, October 25, 2009

Raison de etre

As previously mentioned the main purpose of the Best Little Cat House in PA is to provide a final home to cats that would otherwise be euthanized. Lynn's goal is to have an FIV and FeLV free world, she's a nurse by vocation as well as training. The vast majority of individuals that bring us cats have taken a cat to their vets and have been given the devasting news that their much loved pet has FIV or FeLV. Most vet's recommend euthanasia, they are very cognisant of the need to prevent further spread of these highly infectious diseases. If the cat is alone in a household and is strictly confined indoors this is the best possible solution. In many cases however the cat could infect others. Lynn knows that most people in this situation find it almost impossible to kill a 'healthy' pet. So what do they do, they either take it home to infect other pets or release it to infect other cats. Spay and neuter volunteers are no different, they would find it hard to kill a seemingly healthy cat. Lynn provides them with a way out of the horrible situation they find themselves in. In their owners eyes the cats have a good chance of some extra time in a place where they can be looked after by people who care. By taking them into the Best Little Cat House Lynn is removing the cat from society as it were, they are no longer spreading these horrible diseases to other cats.

This is the raison de etre of the Best Little Cat House in PA. Some would not understand it, thats OK, Lynn has the opposite opinion, one which I and many other people give thanks for.

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